Durante el confinamiento, nos hemos aplicado a fondo para traerte un conjunto integral de nuevas funcionalidades para que tengas el apoyo necesario durante la reapertura de tu recinto.


Admit One offers a diverse set of sales channel, through POS, website, and mobile apps, allowing you to reach your customers in any way you need. Be it cinema, theatre or museum, restaurant, retail or simple ticketing, we have everything you need to make selling easier.

  • POS
  • The POS will receive the largest amount of traffic in terms of sales. This is why we use reliable and robust hardware and software to match, and our POS suite includes every variation of retail you could imagine. A1Touch is used by most of our customers - it allows them to sell tickets and stock in one application that is easy to navigate and quick to learn. A1Box gets right to the point of the box office, and focuses exclusively on tickets, streamlining the whole process by removing things you don't need. A1Retail is our answer to selling stock if you don't want admissions involved, simply scan the item and take payment, it's that easy.
  • Custom Layouts
  • Our integrated POS Designer allows A1Touch's layout to be designed exactly how you need it. Buttons can be linked to stock items or tickets, and each can have its own colour scheme and product images, enabling you to vend tickets and merchandise with ease.
  • Ticket Collection
  • Ticket kiosks speed up the ticket collection process by allowing your patrons to collect their tickets independently without requiring a member of staff. Professionally designed collection displays make it easy for anyone to navigate and collect, while at the same time promote your business by using company branding and colours.
  • Reporting
  • Ticket and retail sales are fed directly into A1Admin, allowing reports to be instantly generated showing information about sales over a period of time. The reports can then be printed or exported for your records. Historical reports can be generated from the beginning of your database, allowing you to track sales trends over several years.
  • Discounts and Combos
  • Discounts entered within A1Stock can be automatically or manually applied within A1Touch. Combo and compound items within A1Stock can also be sold quickly as a single entity at the combo price via A1Touch, with the stock level for the individual items updated within A1Stock.

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