Durante el confinamiento, nos hemos aplicado a fondo para traerte un conjunto integral de nuevas funcionalidades para que tengas el apoyo necesario durante la reapertura de tu recinto.

Stock Management

A1Stock gives you complete control over all aspects of your stock items. From stock groups and departments, to detailed availability and price schedules, Compound stock and Combo deals to Stock taking and discounts. A1Stock accurately tracks your levels and quantities to make sure you always know what, coming in, and what's going out.

  • Stock
  • Have greater control over stock levels with three tiers of units. Base units, stocking units and transfer units can be set up so you can control your stock right down to the gram. Set base units for compound stock items, stocking units for easier deliveries, and transfer units to move large quantities of stock around quickly. Manage every aspect of stock from stock text for websites, sizing and weight and postage values.
  • Compound and Combos
  • With three levels of stock item, you can have your stock exactly the way you want. Regular stock items for single instances such as bottled water or packaged sweets, compound stock items which allows you to set up recipes for drinks and food, which can then be independently tweaked to your needs. Combo deals allow you to combine any stock items into a virtual product at a reduced price to the patron. Easy to apply rules means you can set combos up in no time.
  • Stock Taking
  • Stock taking is quick and simple, with easy to use stock sheets and stock taking forms, just input your count and see instantly if you have any discrepancies. With a fully supported android stock taking app and wireless scanner, you can do away with pen and paper and take the electronic approach to stock taking which can be used anywhere and even without an internet connection.
  • Suppliers
  • Linking stock items to suppliers lets you efficiently fill out purchase orders, which automatically populate delivery records, streamlining the whole process. Supplier records can also be linked to account emails which allows you to pick, order, and take delivery without having to switch between programs.
  • Reporting
  • In-depth stock reports which are fully customisable with infinite combinations and possibilities, A1Stock allows you to see any data you want displayed in the way you need. Admit One also comes with a set of default reports so you can view your figures the minute you start with us. With the addition of web reporting, check your levels when you're away or on the move giving you total visibility wherever you are.
  • Discounts
  • Setting a stock discount has never been easier, simply select what items you want to discount, set the discount percentage, or fixed price, then set the availability of the discount. Discounts can be applied manually or automatically for a quicker order.

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