Durante el confinamiento, nos hemos aplicado a fondo para traerte un conjunto integral de nuevas funcionalidades para que tengas el apoyo necesario durante la reapertura de tu recinto.

Sales Management

A1 Admin gives you control over every financial aspect of your business - you have complete visibility on every transaction. Overviews on daily, weekly, monthly and annual sales can be broken down and inspected using an infinite number of report variations, made to order to report exactly what you need.

  • Overview
  • Keeping an eye on your sales and figures is at the heart of every business keeping track of everything is a top priority. Admit One has the perfect solution in the form of A1 Admin. Here you are able to see every sale, every transaction, and track the movement of every penny, cent, and dollar. A1 Admin also controls aspects such as users, terminals and loyalty.
  • Transactions
  • A1 Admin lets you view the details of every transaction made on any given day, week, month or year. All aspects of the transactions are clearly visible from the sales time to payment types, customer information to loyalty details. Admit One also allows notes to be added to an order which are also reported back when a transaction is recalled.
  • Patrons
  • When you make a sale you have the option to attach a customer's details to the transaction. Customer data is stored on your server, which you can access and amend at any time. Over time you can build up an enormous database which you can then use for marketing, statistics and figures, and viewing demographics to get a better view on who your business is.
  • Users
  • You can manage all of your Admit One users from within A1 Admin, including roles for the POS and back office, allowing to you control different groups and levels of employees. Set contact details and rates of pay for individual members of staff to automate payroll. Users can be set to login using a password, a PIN number, a swipe card, or by using an NFC tag.
  • Design Tools
  • From A1 Admin you can design and create multiple layouts for different A1Touch terminals and set them individually. You can even assign a layout override to a single user. Every button is customizable in size, colour and font, and you have the ability to use images too. Ticket and receipt designs are also managed from A1 Admin, Admit One is both receipt and ticket printer friendly. All layouts are designed using a simple ‘Drag & Drop’ interface which makes designing and editing simple.
  • Loyalty
  • Admit One supports many variations of loyalty schemes. Whether it’s a simple collection of points on purchases or a paid scheme with entitlements, Admit One can do it all and it is all managed within A1Admin. Quickly change any aspect of the scheme from redemption values to points earned per pound to what items points can be earned against and redeemed for. Admit One also incorporates support for gift card purchases.

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