Durante el confinamiento, nos hemos aplicado a fondo para traerte un conjunto integral de nuevas funcionalidades para que tengas el apoyo necesario durante la reapertura de tu recinto.

Head Office

Need to manage multiple sites without switching in and out of PCs and servers? Admit One allows you to manage every site from a single suite of programs. No need to connect to servers off site remotely, no need to send instruction to sites which can be lost in translation. Schedule events at several sites, set up stock and ticket standards or independently control pricing.

  • Stock Management
  • Manage stock levels, set up suppliers and generate purchase orders from a central location. Quickly transfer stock from site to site as and when your demand requires.
  • Scheduling and Sales
  • Quickly create events and schedule performances for multiple sites with a few clicks. Update ticket price schemes and set merchandise prices locally or globally.
  • Administration
  • Generate company-wide reports and set user account privileges with ease. Manage staff details and rates of pay to automate payroll across your entire circuit.

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