Durante el confinamiento, nos hemos aplicado a fondo para traerte un conjunto integral de nuevas funcionalidades para que tengas el apoyo necesario durante la reapertura de tu recinto.

Event Management

A1Event lets you easily manage and view tickets, performances and halls. For a cinema or theatre, tickets and events are the heart and soul of the business, and it is imperative that it is quick and simple to set up. A1Event has it covered.

  • Event Database
  • Admit One has a centrally maintained events database with over 21,000 records, which is continuously updated to include the details of the latest releases, including ratings, running times, release dates and artwork. Events can be brought in as and when you need them. A1Event also allows you to create your own event records to use on site for bespoke events such as concerts and exhibitions.
  • General Admission
  • General admission events can be set up for events that reoccur daily and adhere to a set of rules which can be changed at any time. General Admission events are set up independently of the events database, they do not need to be linked to event codes, and have their own runtime, capacity and prices. You are also able to set up different periods of rules for high and low seasons.
  • Scheduling
  • Scheduling is one of the most important parts of any cinema or theatre. A1Event has an easy to use 'Drag & Drop' system to schedule events to make the whole process as quick and simple as possible. You can view performances for a day at a glance, make changes and move performances to different halls, even copy a whole days schedule to multiple days to speed up the process even more.
  • Distributors
  • When distributors are set up on the system you can see any due returns in a simple to read report, A1Event automatically sends admission figures to distributors, speeding up the whole process of figure submissions.
  • Tickets
  • Tickets are quick to set up and get on sale. With advanced features you are able to fine tune availability and price schedules - A1Event lets you deploy a ticket schemes as simple or as complex as you like. Price Cards add another layer of ticket overrides. Adding tickets to a card and setting a price card schedule allows defaults to be set which can be altered at any time.
  • Seating Plans and Halls
  • A1Event lets you manage several seating plans and halls. Any seating plan may be applied to several halls, in which events are scheduled. Halls can be allocated or unallocated and can be changed at any time of the day to suite your needs. You are also able to create external venues for an event that is taking place off-site.

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