During lockdown, we have been working hard to bring you a comprehensive set of tools and new features to support the safe reopening of your venue.

At Home

Inform & Collect

Contact Tracing | Social Distancing | Informing Customers

We have added a set of tools to our web hosting and mobile application platforms to enable you to communicate Covid-19 related messages to your customers and collect additional information.

  • Inform your customers of the changes they can expect when they visit your venue by adding clear and concise instructions and information to key areas on your website.
  • Collect information and health declarations from your customers to assist with contact tracing requests, should this be a legislative requirement.
  • New switches and controls will allow you to easily enable and customise messaging aspects on your website.
  • Further customisation enables you to request additional information from your customers at the point of check out, or just before their visit. These include the ability to request a general declaration of health as well as additional contact tracing information.

Pre-ordering Food & Drink

Limiting Contact | Social Distancing | Maximise Revenue | Cashless Transactions

We have extended the online pre-ordering of food and drinks as part of our standard web offering.

  • Limit contact by being able to prepare food & drinks for your customers to collect.
  • Reduce dwell times in the foyer and other food purchase areas.
  • Maximise presales revenue.
  • You will be able to select a set of products that will be available for purchase when your customers are booking their tickets.
  • We will assist in the delivery of this component by providing a comprehensive set of assets and undertaking styling work so this feature can be deployed in a timely manner.

Digital Tickets & Self-Scan

Limiting Contact | Social Distancing | Informing Customers

Features which have been available in the Admit One product for some time have been enhanced in anticipation of a higher uptake by our customers.

  • Reduce queuing and contact by increasing the speed at which tickets can be validated.
  • Clearly identify venue access times for events to support social distancing.
  • The option to restrict access to digital tickets until a specific check-in time.
  • Admit One will support you to implement a contactless collection feature that best fits your business, using handheld scanners, scan points, ATM's and self-service technology.
  • Delivered via Apple Wallet, Google Pay and traditional Print-at-Home.
  • Provide a "check-in" facility on ATM's and Self Service technology for pre-ordered food and drink to trigger the fulfilment process.

Enhance the Booking Experience

Maximise Revenue | Cashless Transactions

Assuming that remote and advanced sales will become your primary sales channel in the future, we have been developing alternative payment mechanisms to make the checkout experience more efficient.

  • To enhance remote purchasing experiences for your customers.
  • To reduce checkout time and improve conversation rate, thereby increasing pre-sales revenue opportunities.
  • Integrating with Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Pay where these options are applicable to your business.
  • We will work with your Payment Service Provider to enable any additional features they may offer.