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Efficiency of fast-food operations within a Cinemas environment

As cinemas continue to look for additional revenue streams, a number are either considering or implementing a full dining experience to their guests whether they are at the cinema to see a show or just for the restaurant.

Driven by the need to integrate the food and beverage into normal cinema operations using a single application, we have enhanced our offering to incorporate additional functionality and we now have customers servicing up to 2,000 guests per site each week.

Kitchen Screen
Point Of Sale

A typical deployment would have tablets in the hands of the front of house staff, with touch screen displays both inside the kitchen and at the collection points (with bump bars) thus both avoiding the need for printers but increasing the visibility of the total requirements on the kitchen for example how many burgers in total need to be cooking now?

The venue can offer the opportunity for the patron to either collect or have delivery to seat or table (each seat in the auditorium can be considered a “table”).  Payment is taken upfront so as not to disturb other patrons during the delivery process. There’s also the option for the patron to use their own device to place orders which provides allergen etc. information direct to the patron.

Orders are taken via a tablet and automatically sent to the right fulfilment area be that kitchen, bar or retail concession without duplication.  Stock management is an integral part of the functionality.

Data is captured by all aspects of the system be it cinema or restaurant allowing for reporting across the site and the entire estate (such as ability to identify sources of revenue by location within venue).

Future releases will be looking at table reservations and pre-ordering of menu items.