During lockdown, we have been working hard to bring you a comprehensive set of tools and new features to support the safe reopening of your venue.

Behind the Scenes

Dynamic Seat Isolation

Social Distancing

Who knew that "Dynamic Seat Isolation" would become the must have feature for 2020! In rapid response to the outbreak of COVID-19, we recognised that distancing at events would be an important factor, and so developed and deployed our automatic social distancing solution before lockdown!

Our efforts were not in vain, as during the short amount of time it was operational we were able to gather important metrics in a real world environment. This has allowed us to further tune and improve our algorithms in order to fit what is likely to be an evolving set of parameters.

  • To provide the ability across all sales channels to respect a customisable set of rules to automatically distance booking parties from one another.
  • Allow you to configure flexible rules to enforce seat isolation on any axis and to any distance.
  • Ensure that isolated seats are clearly represented on customer facing booking channels such as web and ATMs.
  • Allow the flexibility to apply rules either to an entire site or to specific auditoria.
  • Allow coarser restrictions, such as hall capacity limitations, or seat plan mapping to achieve the best combinations, for capacity, social distancing, and legislative guidelines.

Schedule Assist

Cleaning Regimes | Social Distancing

To support safe scheduling we have developed a set of scheduler rules to warn or prohibit the timetabling of events that may lead to overcrowding.

  • Allow head office to apply a standard set of scheduling policies across their estate.
  • Inform and warn schedulers of timing conflicts which may lead to entry and exit problems.
  • Ensure sufficient time is allocated between events to support thorough cleaning.
  • The configuration of timing policies and capacity limits will produce warnings or actually prohibit the scheduling of events which may lead to overcrowding within the venue.

Operational Parameters

Limiting Contact | Social Distancing

Admit One offers a set of operational parameters that can determine the availability of advanced sales and manage group sizes.

  • Mitigate to some degree the likely increase in refund requests due to COVID-19.
  • Entice your customers back by considering your pricing strategies.
  • Policy changes may include adjustment to maximum group size, advance booking cut-off times and the number of days in advance that bookings can be made.
  • Once policies have been decided, work with our team to review the operational parameters deployed on your remote sales channels.

Enforcing Cleaning Regimes

Cleaning Regimes

As well as our standard notification systems, we aim to bring an enhanced set of tools to ensure that cleaning and sanitisation procedures are carried out on a regular basis.

  • Provide a simple cleaning schedule system across all sites and areas.
  • Notify and inform when and where tasks must be undertaken.
  • Capture a digital "completion" signature.
  • Provide simple rostering of cleaning regimes.
  • POS, back office, handheld and even SMS alerts to indicate timings and capture completions.