During lockdown, we have been working hard to bring you a comprehensive set of tools and new features to support the safe reopening of your venue.

At the Venue

Information Display Systems

Informing Customers | Social Distancing | Limiting Contact

Informing your customers about measures you are actively taking will be essential in boosting confidence and managing expectations.

  • Increase the presentation of information to customers regarding cleaning, wellbeing and distancing.
  • Prevent overcrowding in foyers and auditoria by dynamically directing customers in and out of areas based on time of performance.
  • We have provided our team with tools to create a complete set of customisable (colours, logos and messages) display slides to cover all aspects of "working safely during COVID-19".
  • We have added further dynamic display elements in order to inform customers of entry times to your venue or auditoria based on their event time.

ATM's & Self-Service

Limiting Contact | Cashless Transactions

An all-new, fully-featured ATM solution delivers an enhanced purchasing experience for your customers. Utilise self-service features on compact and cost-effective hardware solutions to promote contactless food and drink ordering.

  • Reduce contact by promoting self-service food and drink sales.
  • Redeploy cashiers to focus on customer service and safety.
  • Linking with food preparation and collection boards to reduce queue times and improve efficiency.
  • A brand new ATM experience has been developed to provide an enhanced customer experience, expanding on ticket purchasing to provide full food and drink sales.

Food Preparation & Collection

Limiting Contact | Cashless Transactions

In order to reduce queues and improve food preparation and delivery times we have developed a number of tools based on "best of breed" solutions.

  • Promote the efficient use of self service and mobile application technology for food and drink ordering by providing the tools required by your colleagues and customers.
  • Multi-location real-time preparation boards for staff to prepare ordered food and drink.
  • Multi-location real-time waiter/delivery boards to inform colleagues of orders awaiting delivery.
  • Multi-location real-time collection boards to inform customers of orders awaiting collection.
  • Optional SMS alerts for customers to collect pre-ordered food and drink.

Admit One Shop

Limiting Contact | Cashless Transactions | Social Distancing | Maximise Revenue

Introducing "Admit One Shop", a further enhancement to the self-service suite of products. This mobile friendly web application will enable your customers to order food and drink directly from their own mobile device for either collection or delivery to a table or seat.

  • Expand the self-service culture by allowing your customers to use their own technology to place and track orders.
  • Provide a simple and effective interface to ensure engagement.
  • Increase revenue and promote contactless and cashless ordering techniques.
  • A mobile web site will be provided, allowing cashless ordering and supporting either collection or delivery.
  • In order to ensure the product can be distributed to as many of our customers as possible, a Web Application framework has been developed, rather than a dedicated mobile application. This allows us to deliver the service at a sensible and much reduced cost to you, linked to revenue rather than a fixed price.

Access Control

Limiting Contact | Social Distancing

While we appreciate that in the current climate, access control systems may be financially prohibitive, Admit One has developed bespoke interfaces between our POS and speed-gate systems.

  • Enhance self scanning and reduce contact for the entire journey from purchase to seat.
  • Provide additional security from foyer to auditoria.
  • Increase occupancy accuracy through real-time head counting.
  • The Admit One Gate interface hardware and software solution can be deployed in existing access control solutions.
  • We can quote and supply for contactless speed gates in almost any environment.
  • Contact your project manager should any of these solutions be of interest now or in the future